Life, thank goodness, is not a piece of paper. But because in reality things tend to turn out differently than planned, marketing theory and an international marketer’s everyday life are a long way away from eachother. The truth is – being an international marketer is a challenging task, no matter where in the world you are and irrespective of your position within a company.

Some observations to make you think:

An underdog in many ways
A few lucky ones work in a company where management treats marketing as a strategic discipline. Others have to prove their right to exist every day. Some never get out of the tactical trap. Still others must insist that it is possible for a continent to host people who speak more than one language. Headquarter positions can be very ungrateful. And although the reasons vary, same goes for country marketers or freelancers.

Caught inside the box
Most international marketers build a network within their own company, or, if they’re involved in lots of external activities, within their industry. Rarely do you see someone building cross-discipline relationships.

Unbalanced diet
Many marketing ideas published in national and most in so called international media are US-born. Or when was the last time you read something about a Latvian company? An interview with a marketer from Guatemala who works for a French company?  When have you heard about a non-native speaker who struggles with a company’s main language and cultural differences?

In case studies the same names keep popping up. Again and again. How about that pipe company from South Africa or biotech startup from New Zealand?

There’s lots of buzz about the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). There are small business and entrepreneur guides all over the place. But no one seems to focus on the international marketer who neither is a CMO nor an entrepreneur.


Depending on who or where you are, you face different kinds of challenges. And then again – some of them are just the same, all over the world.

In our experiment we’d like to find out more about the international marketer. Challenge the status quo. And start a conversation.